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Oral Cancer Screenings in Mississauga, ON

Oral cancer screenings are a pivotal component of preventive dentistry. These comprehensive evaluations check for oral cancer signs and are recommended for adults above the age of 20. When caught early, oral cancer is treatable via radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery and targeted drug therapy.

Silver Creek Dentist offers thorough, patient-tailored oral cancer screenings in Mississauga, ON. We’re committed to empowering our patients to take greater control of their oral well-being and welcome you to book your oral cancer screening today.

Risk Factors and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

While everyone is at risk of developing oral cancer, some individuals experience a heightened risk due to unique factors that predispose them to the same. You may be at significant risk of oral cancer if you have a family history of cancer, have been diagnosed with human papillomavirus, have a weakened immune system or have recently experienced excessive sun exposure. Poor oral hygiene and excessive smoking can also increase your risk of developing cancerous conditions in your mouth.

Oral cancer symptoms include pain when swallowing, bad breath, red or white patches, cough, and pain in the ear, mouth and facial areas. Some oral cancer patients may experience lumps or swellings, loose teeth and persistent mouth and lip sores.

What to Expect

Our dentist in Mississauga, ON, screens you for oral cancer by visually inspecting your oral cavity to check for apparent symptoms. Our dentist near you also checks for lumps, swellings and other indicators of anomalies. Sometimes, a special oral cancer screening light or dye is used to illuminate abnormal cells, if any.

Subject to the outcome of the screening, our dentist may order a biopsy test. It’s worth noting that oral cancer screenings near you aren’t diagnostic. Only a biopsy can definitively ascertain or disprove the presence of cancer cells. If a biopsy test comes back positive, the next treatment step involves creating a personalized treatment plan that responds to your needs. Our dentist collaborates with cancer specialists to ensure you receive exceptional care to get you on the path to healing and recovery.

Incorporating oral cancer screenings in your preventive dentistry routine goes a long way in safeguarding your oral and overall well-being. For comprehensive, patient-tailored cancer screenings in Mississauga, ON, get in touch with Silver Creek Dentist today.

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